Livescan  (electronic fingerprint & palmprint recording) and Biometric identity confirmation systems



by Cross Match Technologies

A compact, portable fingerprint capture solution.

  1. Designed for forensic-quality ten-print fingerprint capture

  2. Patented technology for quick and easy image capture and enrollment

  3. Excellent choice for high-volume processing environments

  4. High resolution (500 ppi)

  5. FBI Appendix F-certified

  6. Guardian in use at borders around the world

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The Guardian IP

by Cross Match Technologies

The Guardian IP ushers in a new era of interoperable and secure, biometric deployment. With an embedded processor,

the Guardian IP connects directly to the network. For the first time ever, there is no need for a local computer. Cross Match products have always focused on a unique and targeted approach to biometric identity management. With a new set of functional requirements and features to enhance security, expedite processing, and reduce total cost of ownership, the next-generation Guardians offer the superior quality our

customers expect from start to finish.

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500P by Cross Match Technologies

  1. First FBI-certified single platen design

  2. Rapid high-quality data capture

  3. Scans upper, lower and writers' palm images, slaps and rolls

  4. High resolution (500 ppi)

  5. 500P in use around the world

HIgher resolution 1000 ppi version also available

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At the heart of this Integrated Biometrics USB Fingerprint Reader and SDK is Integrated Biometrics’ Light Emitting Sensor (LES) Technology. The sensor and its technology work in unison, providing a compact, easy-to-use USB Fingerprint Reader and SDK that results in faster integration and a smaller maintainable code base for developers.

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Integrated Biometrics takes a partner approach with our TRU biometric access control series. The TRU biometric access control series integrates easily and is completely manufactured by Integrated Biometrics. This complete solution provides our partners and dealers with access to customer service and technical support in one location. Our biometric access control solution uses Integrated Biometrics’ patented LES Technology to provide you with a more secure solution than biometric access control solutions that use silicon or optical sensors.

LES Technology (Light Emitting Sensor): Biometric Access Control

  1. Durable: impact resistant and able to withstand the toughest conditions with minimal maintenance or damage due to scratching or breakdown from contaminates

  2. Accurate: provides accurate high-resolution fingerprint scans in virtually any environment: indirect or direct sunlight, a factory, with dirty or clean fingers

  3. Secure: live finger detection

  4. Efficient: LES fingerprint sensor is not easily confused by foreign matter and contaminants, allowing the sensor surface and the TRU biometric access control solution to be essentially maintenance-free. Requires no cleaning for latent prints.

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The New Guardian

by Cross Match Technologies

Applicants are guided by clear, interactive instructions displayed on a user-friendly touch screen. And because every applicant

is unique, the Guardian scanners  seamlessly capture quality images, accurately and rapidly, from both wet and dry fingers. These features not only improve the applicant experience but, more importantly, free the operator to focus on  other critical tasks.

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