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B.E.E.R. Class  Training (Breaking and Entering Evidence Recovery)

Be better prepared to document and collect fingerprints & DNA from your property crimes.  This two- day course is designed to provide detectives with a “once-over- lightly” basic crime scene course.  The focus is on basic evidence processing while responding to your every-day breaking and entering, recovery of motor vehicle, and other property crimes.   You’ll receive a  processing kit which you will use in a hands-on, 2 day course and take back with you for use in your department.   For newly assigned detectives or officers with little or no training in evidence recovery.   Course available in 2 options:  Order kit for a free class OR order class for a free kit. 

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Dust ‘N’ Bust

A 24-hour, 3 day, hands-on training course that provides the law enforcement officer the fundamental techniques of fingerprint classification and recovery, as well as an introduction to crime scene investigation.  Dust N' Bust Course Description.pdf

Basic & Advanced Fingerprint Classificaton and Comparison

This five-day course provides the law enforcement officer with the knowledge to recognize, classify, compare and identify inked/digital impressions on a ten fingerprint record format. Basic-Advanced Course Description.pdf

Latent Fingerprint Recovery Techniques

A five-day course that is a  follow-up to the Basic and Advanced Fingerprint Classification and Comparison courses. This class is a recommended prerequisite to the Crime Scene Investigation course. Latent Fingerprint Recovery Course Description.pdf

Fingerprinting and Palmprinting Techniques

This one-day (8 hour) course provides the student the ability to acquire both inked and electronic fingerprint and palmprint images.  Fingerprinting-Palmprinting Course Description.pdf

Basic Digital Law Enforcement Photography

A three-day course in law enforcement focused digital photography encompassing all the basics a law enforcement professional needs.  Basic Digital Photo for LE-Course Description.pdf

Advanced Digital Law Enforcement Photography

A three-day course that follows-up and expands upon the Basic Law Enforcement Photography Course.  Advanced DIgital Photography - Course Description.pdf

Digital Crime Scene Photography for the first responder

This one-day course is designed to acquaint the patrol officer with a simple point-and-shoot camera or mobile phone, in order to photograph the initial condition of a situation. Digital Photography for the First Responder-Course Description.pdf

Crime Scene Investigation

This five-day course provides instruction on basic methods including search patterns, and the collection and preservation of physical evidence from the crime scene to the court room. Crime Scene Investigation- Course Description.pdf

Blood Stain Patterns at Crime Scenes

This three-day course will expose students to blood stain pattern analysis and how it relates to reading and reconstructing violent crime scenes. Blood Stain Patterns-Course Description.pdf

Criminal Investigations

A five-day course targeted at law enforcement officers with less than 5 years of experience; provides necessary tools to conduct any major criminal investigation. Criminal Investigations-Course Description.pdf

Patrol Officer Response to Crisis Situations   A one-day course Patrol Oficer Repsonse to Crisis Situations Course Description.pdf

Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Intervention

In a two-day course, this provides the student with the necessary fundamentals and theories for handling a crisis negotiation/ intervention. Hostage Negotiations-Course Description.pdf

Missing and Abducted Children Investigations  A one-day course

Missing Children - Course Description.pdf

An introduction to Computer Crime and Digital Forensics

A five-day course for fighting digital crime. Intro Computer Crime- Course Description.pdf 

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We have two primary philosophies that drive how we train:

- Hands-on training causes faster, more accurate learning which can be readily applied                        

- The amount and quality of learning is directly proportionate to the fun involved

All of our classes are primarily hands on and involve the student intensely in exercises and subject matter work, so the student leaves with actual experience in the subject, as well as a detailed manual and in most classes a CD of background and reference material to pursue later if they wish to do so. Our instructors offer their many years of experience to teach the student what tools and techniques work, and how to do what’s needed within time and budget constraints in today’s policing environment.

Customized courses are available tailored to your specific training needs. Contact us for further details